I took my mother-in-law to have a back massage with Erika yesterday. It was a gloriously sunny day and a lot of the flowers are now in full bloom; hanging baskets, the sweet scent of old fashioned roses and pots of pinks, hollyhocks, lupins, tiny olives on our olive tree and an abundance of mint, sage and thyme which I use in cooking and as daily treats for the bunnies, Eric and Butters.

I arrived back about 5 minutes before the appointment was due to end and sat chatting to Erika’s next client, each of us with one of the salon’s fabulous cappuccinos in hand (socially distanced at separate tables of course!), and she voiced exactly what I was thinking… isn’t this just perfect. And it was. I just wished I was staying for a treatment instead of going home to conquer a pile of ironing.

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