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Hi, I’m Debbie, the owner of Cabelo.

Hi, I’m Debbie, the owner of Cabelo.

I  am not a hair stylist or a therapist or a businesswoman. I have dogs, I keep chickens and quail, and I blog about eggs rather than hair. So really a walking recipe for disaster you might think.

Well not entirely, because I have a wonderful team now working with me, and friends, both new and old, supporting me in the background (you know who you are) eager to share their business knowledge and see Cabelo succeed. Also, importantly, I not only care about customer service, I have a wealth of experience from years of working in customer service roles in industry. And when I say care, what I really mean is that it’s my passion. The customer’s experience is everything to me.

Whenever I physically buy a product or service, the whole experience from the moment I walk into a place to the moment I walk out, should be something I remember for all the right reasons. Where I connect with the people and know my custom is truly valued – somewhere I want to come back to in the future. Like you, I work hard for my money and have a million and one things to deal with and stress about besides, so anything less just isn’t acceptable.

And that is why when I got the opportunity to set up, I had a clear vision of exactly what the salon would look like, what it would contain and how it would operate. I was bound by practicalities and legislation, but basically if I thought a client, stylist or barber would appreciate that piece of equipment, that bit of artwork or simply a small touch that hardly anyone notices, then if there was the space and money to include it, I have.

Now that we are up and running and in a position to take the business forward, I have discovered there is actually a big advantage to not being an owner/stylist. I have the time to look after the team and the rooms, making sure everyone has what they need and helping out where I can. My role at Cabelo has evolved into a mixture of maître d’/junior/cleaner/gardener/marketeer/zoo keeper. And I love it all.

Finally, if you love animals please read my blog Paws & Claws, which has nothing to do with the business except some of the animals live at Cabelo. Always let us know when booking an appointment for a child if you would like them to have the joy of finding some eggs afterwards to take home. If pre-warned, we know not to collect them.




Unisex Hair
Hair Cut Anxiety (Tonsurephobia) Programmes

Health, Life and Cancer Coaching
Ayurvedic Medicine & Lifestyle
Specialist Assessment, Teaching and Learning Service aimed at 4 years old to adult
Clinical Hypnotherapy

I am really pleased to offer Reiki and life/health coaching at Cabelo, as Debbie has created a very relaxing and welcoming place here. Debbie has thought about everything down to the smallest details – she provides the space for a therapist to shine in and for a client to enjoy and revitalise. It is one of those rare cases where beauty and health indeed work together, complement each other and, in their unity, contribute to self-healing. It feels right that all of us here are part of one team and I treasure this experience. 

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