Beauty Rocks by Erika Guest

Beauty Rocks by Erika Guest

Beauty Rocks by Erika Guest @Cabelo (formerly at Patshull Park)

Erika Guest is a familiar name to anyone who has experienced the wonderful spa, beauty and unisex holistic treatments offered at Patshull Park over the past 17 years. Now Erika is based at Cabelo and is offering the same vast range of expert treatments in the Garden Therapy Room Monday to Friday.


See full details on the following link:

Book your appointment by phoning or messaging Erika on 07402 268370



Abi availability

Abi availability

Last minute change of plan due to yesterday’s surprise Government decision to extend the ban on facial treatments 😥
Massages now available on Sunday 2 August (tomorrow) and 9 August in the Garden Therapy Room at Cabelo Hair & Wellness, 23 Limes Road, Tettenhall
BOOK NOW with Abigail direct on 07305 366997 (message or phone)

1 Aug 2020



Excited to announce the popular and highly talented beauty therapist from Patshull Park, Erika Guest, will be joining Cabelo on weekdays from September 2020. Erika is now taking bookings and already has a waiting list for her services starting in September.

A full list of Erika’s services for both ladies and gents will soon be available on our website. These will complement the Sunday treatments already offered by the lovely Abigail from the Beauty Spot.

For a stand-alone booking with Erika during the week call or message her direct on 07402 268370.

For a stand-alone booking with Abigail on a Sunday call or message her direct on 07305 366997.

If you want to combine your beauty treatment/massage with a hair appointment, call 01902 560729 or message Debbie on 07522 622733 to co-ordinate with the Barber or one of our talented stylists.

July 2020

We are temporarily closed from 31 December and throughout Lockdown 3.0 😥 See you all soon! x

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