I booked in to try Erika’s Express Facial on Wednesday, which is the cheapest wellness treatment on her menu at £20, with part of me thinking I’m about to pay for something I can probably do just as well myself at home. But as I was feeling under the weather I knew I’d still feel better for it afterwards. It was raining again so lucky me and the clients who had been in earlier – everyone had said the same thing apparently, cosiness with an extra dopple of cozy when it’s raining.

The treatment starts with a cleanse, but then I’m a bit hazy after that. The facial massage, the scalp massage, the hand massage, the lovely oils, it just went on and on until I was rendered slightly comatose…. in a sort of roll me up into a corner when you’ve finished and let me sleep here kind of way. Nothing express about it.

The product left on your face and hair she recommends you leave on overnight for best results, so I spent the rest of the evening in a relaxed state with partially oily hair, a glowing complexion and a copiously bleeding finger from dropping and smashing a pint glass of water. Not going to harp on about how important it is to rehydrate after a treatment, but clearly being in a relaxed state should carry its own health warning.

I did ask at the end if I’d had special treatment with the scalp and hand massage, but no, I’d received the standard £20 Express Facial. I will continue to have Erika’s more tailored facials from time to time as I need them, but at this price this is one I’ll definitely be able to revisit more regularly, not only as a conditioning treatment, but also a lovely pick me up.   

PS Although my hair needed 3 shampoos the next day, the condition was lovely. Colour treated hair is always better after a long conditioning treatment and something I should do more regularly.

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