Hi, I am a real chicken and I live with the human owner of Cabelo, Debbie. I was hatched at a local school as an Easter project, along with my future husband, a few years ago now. When we were no longer cute and yellow, we were given to Debbie and began a free-range life in a small coop at the bottom of her garden after she retired from work. There were 3 ‘inmates’ to begin with, Shelly, Layla and Eggs Benedict. Then we came along and quickly became known as Mr & Mrs Feathers. That’s me above, although technically I’m now The Widow Feathers – the handsome gentleman below was my husband, the noble and much missed philanderer, Mr Feathers.
Mr Feathers in One Chicken’s Blog at Cabelo in Limes Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton
We were then joined by the diminutive Sage & Onion…. And so, it began…. Now there are a lot of us; so many in fact that not all of us have names yet. I’ll introduce you to all the dogs soon. The dogs actually wanted to do their own blog, but I said no to that because contrary to what they think, Debbie has OCD (obsessive chicken disorder) and not ODD. In fact, I’m always telling them ODD is not a thing, it’s just something that she is. I mean, why would a salon owner let a chicken write a blog, knowing it’s never going to be writing about the latest hair trends? Next time: an introduction to our gated community, Jurassic Park.
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