Jill Edge Specialist Assessment, Teaching and Learning Service aimed at 4 years old to adult is available at Cabelo in Limes Road, Tettenhall


Clinical Therapist


Specialist Assessment, Teaching & Learning


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Practiomer)

Specialist Assessment, Teaching and Learning aimed at children 4 years old to adult

Jill spent many years as a Class Teacher and Special Needs Teacher in primary and secondary education, working with pupils and students with Moderate to Severe learning difficulties.

She then trained as a Specialist Teacher in Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties including Autism and ADHD.

Jill has worked for an education authority for the past 10 years in this role as well as being a Senior Manager. She writes workshops and training which she delivers to teachers and SENCOs and is an advisor to SENCOs and class teachers working in schools. 

She has developed various teaching programmes and courses, which have been well received in schools.

Jill now wants to be able to pass this knowledge on to parents, adults and children in order to help them reach their full potential and give them strategies to overcome their difficulties.

She does not provide traditional tutoring; rather she offers a Specialist Service where teaching and learning is delivered to an outstanding level. Jill will unpick the difficulty and put a programme in place that will be successful.

After a free initial half hour consultation, her range of services include:

Cognitive Assessment: this tests overall cognitive ability, tests include verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and language tests, auditory memory, auditory sequential memory, working memory, processing speed, visual sequential memory, visual memory  and some additional tests that will be used as behaviours are observed. (One and a half hours to administer. Detailed report provided and consultation)

Literacy Cognitive Assessment: this tests overall ability and performance tests. These include all of the above tests and reading tests, reading accuracy, reading speed, reading processing speed, comprehension tests,  spelling tests, writing tests, reading high frequency words, spelling high frequency words, phonics test for reading and spelling and additional tests that will be used as behaviours are observed. (Three hours to administer. Detailed report provided and one hour consultation)

Performance Assessment: no cognitive tests are administered. Performance tests include reading accuracy, reading speed, processing speed, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, high frequency word knowledge, phonic knowledge. Additional tests may be used as behaviours are observed. (One and a half hours to administer. Detailed report provided and a half hour consultation)

Dyslexia Screening Test: this gives an indicator of the likelihood of having dyslexia. It is not a diagnosis as only Educational Psychologists can diagnose dyslexia but is a very good indicator which parents can use to gain a full diagnosis. Alongside this screening test, reading, reading comprehension, writing and spelling tests will be administered as well as other tests that provide an indication of dyslexia, such as visual processing, auditory memory and phonological awareness. (One and a half hours to administer. Detailed report provided and an half hour consultation)

Memory tests: these are a good indicator of success in school. Memory underpins most of what we learn. Tests include auditory memory, working memory, visual memory, visual sequential memory and processing speed. Improve memory and literacy and numeracy attainment improves. (One and  a half hours to administer. Detailed report provided)

Reading comprehension tests SATs: these give an indication of what the pupil is having difficulty with. One hour to administer along with further testing of reading accuracy. (One hour to administer. Detailed report provided)

Teaching sessions for aged 4 to adult: these can be provided with or without the above assessments. However, where the above tests have been administered, specialised teaching programmes can be designed and taught in half termly or termly blocks. These are then changed and amended as pupils’ progress. Programmes are designed, to specifically meet needs. Jill teaches using a multisensory approach. It is highly effective, and pupils learn through having fun. No worksheets or exercise books are used, only whiteboards and multisensory activities. For adults, the teaching style is a little different, but still a multisensory approach. Teaching is provided in a half hour or one hour session. Pupils will be provided with home packs with activities to do little and often.

Teacher training provided at a bespoke cost: teachers who would like strategies to help pupils who are having difficulties can have a private or group consultation.


Clinical Therapist

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Practiomer)

Jill is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and will be using her new skills to complement and enhance her current practice. 

Hypnotherapy is a deep relaxation technique and psychological healing process used for a range of unwanted and self-limiting issues, including:

Self-confidence/esteem, public speaking, phobias/fears, white coat syndrome, driving test/exam nerves, anger, pain control, IBS, tinnitus, OCD, vertigo, depression, anxiety, sleeping & eating disorders, weight management, addictions, grief, stress and many more.

The number of sessions required is dependent on the severity of the problem, but the majority can be dealt with in one to three sessions. 

Specific packages are available to combat smoking, cannabis and cocaine addiction.

Note – issues such as tinnitus and IBS are medical conditions, hypnotherapy cannot cure them, but it can help you cope better.

NLP can be used with or without hypnotherapy. NLP techniques successfully change a type of behaviour or thought pattern. It can be used for a range of issues and is very successful in treating many things including phobias. NLP is also used in teaching spelling and modelling strategies.


Make an appointment

If you would like to talk to Jill about how any of the above therapies could benefit you in the future, please phone/WhatsApp/text Debbie on 07522 622733 to arrange a call back or book an appointment.

You will never be asked why you want clinical hypnotherapy when calling.

Appointments with Jill are available at
Cabelo, 23 Limes Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton on Wednesdays from 1pm.

If you work during the day limited evening appointments may be available by prior arrangement.

Entrance to Cabelo in Limes Road, Tettenhall

 ~  ~  ~   PRICE LIST   ~  ~  ~

Cognitive Assessment: £140

Literacy Cognitive Assessment : £280

Performance Assessment: £140

Dyslexia Screening Test: £140

Memory tests: £60

Reading comprehension tests SATs: £40

Teaching sessions for people aged 4yrs -adults:
£19.00 (30 minutes)
£38.00 (60 minutes)

Initial consultation of all assessments and teaching sessions will be free of charge. Consultations at the end of each programme will be at the same cost as a lesson.

Teacher training provided at a bespoke cost: teachers who would like strategies to help pupils who are having difficulties can have a private or group consultation.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

£70.00 per session (allow 1 to 1.5 hours for your treatment)

Specific addiction aversion packages for:

Smoking £200

Cannabis £350

Cocaine £550

It is recommended that you avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco on the day of treatment.



I have visited Gill with my 8 year old son who has struggles with low self esteem and focus problems. Gill taught him some techniques to help manage anger, frustration and think more positively about himself. My son enjoyed the sessions and also enjoyed the relaxation sessions too. He was able to take these techniques and use them in class and I have also seen an improvement at home. My son has really benefitted from his sessions with Gill. Would highly recommend.

Ms E.D

September 2019

Cabelo – Reducing Stress

I have had 3 weekly sessions with Jill to help reduce my stress levels mainly at work but also other areas of my life. I have found them very beneficial to me and have been taught some practices that l will make part of my daily life.

I always feel great after these sessions and would recommend you try it out for yourself if you have high stress levels it really works thanks Jill.

A very happy customer. Mrs S.D

September 2019


I went to see Jill about my tinnitus as it had prevented me from getting a good night’s sleep for years. I hadn’t really thought of getting hypnotherapy before, but when Jill was recommended, I decided to give it a go.

It was a fascinating experience that I would recommend to anyone who could be sceptical about hypnotherapy. The ways she has taught me to associate the tinnitus noise with shapes and breathing exercises worked within 2 days of my first visit. I’ve slept well ever since without using any background noise.

Mr R.W

August 2019

Holistic therapy room is so tranquil and suits it’s purpose perfectly

What a beautiful artistically designed salon. First class setting to relax and pamper yourself in. All the staff are friendly and helpful. I visited the holistic room on the property it was so tranquil and suited its use.

Well done to Gill Edge on your hypnotherapy technique you will go far.

Good luck to all involved

Mrs M.R

August 2019

Jill worked with my son whilst he attended Primary School. He had one term with her once a week for one hour. Jill was always very patient, kind and very professional whilst teaching my son. Her advice and support was invaluable to us and she pushed to get extra time for Sats in year 6. My son made excellent progress whilst Jill taught him.

I would definitely recommend Jill to anyone who is looking for private tuition.


Parent, West Midlands

Jill has a calm and friendly nature. My son really enjoyed his weekly lessons with her.
Jill worked with my son making a significant difference to his self esteem and building his confidence over a number of years.
She works in a methodical consistent way helping him to use the strategies taught not only with her but into the classroom environment and beyond.
As his confidence and skills grew so did his ‘Have a go’ attitude.
Jill not only worked with my son but fed back to me as a parent through written explanations of work and informative termly meetings.
Thank you.


Parent, West Midlands