Lymphedema is a fairly common condition and results from a blockage in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system, part of the immune system, helps eliminate toxins from the body. When it is impeded, the resulting fluid buildup leads to painful swelling and a lack of mobility. At its worst, lymphedema can cause significant depression in the sufferer.

Water pills have no effect on Lymphedema. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a very gentle massage aimed to create a vacuum with gentle pressure so that the area is prepared to bring in more fluid, creating a flushing effect. To move waste fluids away from the damaged area, the massage needs to cover more than just the affected area. It is such a relaxing treatment, clients often keep fall asleep while the massage is being adminstered.

Mai’s Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a 90 minute treatment and the results are instantaneous. Mai has clients who, when they come to her for the first time, can hardly walk from the car to the therapy room. She says the change in their mobility afterwards is truly heartening.

Unfortunately, Lymphedema cannot be cured. It is a condition that requires regular treatment to prevent toxin build up. In the most severe cases, where the swelling becomes debhilitating, Mai recommends fortnighly sessions to keep the condition under control. 

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