FREE car parking for Cabelo

3 hour 10 minutes free car park behind Lloyds Bank, access off High Street (1 minute walk to Cabelo), marked in red.

1 hour 10 minutes free on street parking, marked in light blue.

All day car park by Tettenhall Pool, marked in blue.


HAIR: We operate a 1-way system into the salon so when you arrive, ring the buzzer on the front door, which tells your stylist you have arrived, and then open the black gate to the left of the front door and walk through the passageway. Turn immediately right at the end of the passageway (under the staircase) and come into the salon via the back door. Please feel free to wait comfortably in the kitchen until your stylist comes to greet you.

BEAUTY AND WELLNESS: When you arrive immediately open the black gate to the left of the front door and walk towards the end of the passageway and look for the buzzer located on the right hand side of the wall at head height. Press the buzzer to alert the therapist that you have arrived and just wait until they call down to you. If it is sunny feel free to have a seat in the garden while you are waiting.

If you have any problems at all, ring Debbie for clarification or help on 07522 622733

Car Parking at Cabelo