The Clinic


The Clinic has a separate entrance and exit away from the Garden Therapy Room and Hair Salon

Our qualified clinicians and professionals offer a range of services and treatments from The Clinic, including Aesthetics & Lashes.



Unique Garden Therapy Room

There are separate entrances to the Therapy Room, Clinic and Hair Salon

Over 7 days a week we offer a range of beauty & wellness treatments from Erika & Mai in our unique, bespoke, fully insulated and double-glazed therapy room. Situated in our beautiful, secluded rear garden, with independent level ground floor access, the garden room enjoys free WiFi, a separate cloakroom and an extensive range of refreshments.

There is a cosy seating area, luxurious padded treatment couch and a range of zen décor in keeping with the natural environment.

Garden Therapy Room at Cabelo in Tettenhall

Voted most enjoyable experience in 2021 by one of our clients was having a relaxing massage in a warm and cosy space while listening to the rain beating down outside – just heavenly apparently. I was lucky enough to have had the same experience this year and can only agree – it really was.