The Clinic


The Clinic has a separate entrance and exit away from the Garden Therapy Room and Hair Salon

Our qualified clinicians and professionals offer a range of services and treatments from The Clinic, including:



Sports Massage
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Therapeutic ultrasound
Wax Therapy
Kinesiology Taping

DVLA D4 driver medicals


Unique Garden Therapy Room

There are separate entrances to the Therapy Room, Clinic and Hair Salon 

Over 7 days a week we offer a range of beauty & wellness treatments in our unique, bespoke, fully insulated and double-glazed therapy room. Situated in our beautiful, secluded rear garden, with independent level ground floor access, the garden room enjoys free WiFi, a separate garden cloakroom and an extensive range of refreshments.

There is a cosy seating area, luxurious padded treatment couch and a range of zen décor in keeping with the natural environment.

Garden Therapy Room at Cabelo in Tettenhall

Voted most enjoyable experience in 2021 by one of our clients was having a relaxing massage in a warm and cosy space while listening to the rain beating down outside – just heavenly apparently. I was lucky enough to have had the same experience this year and can only agree – it really was. 

Eric & Butters

Eric and Butters are our two handsome mini lop eared bunnies. The boys love to be looked at and admired, and are not adverse to the odd treat and a few fresh herbs which we grow especially for them in the raised bed.

Viktoria Kirilova, Lemon Tree Therapy, with Butters in the Garden Therapy Room at Cabelo in Tettenhall