Opening Hours

Unisex Salon

Bookings by Appointment

Sunday and Monday – By Appointment

Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 5pm

Friday 9am – 6pm

Saturday 8am – 5pm

We try to be as flexible as possible and may be able to accommodate appointments outside of these times

Tonsurephobia – Haircut Anxiety

Bookings by Appointment

Closed door sessions for children and their parents, teenagers and even adults who, for whatever reason, find noisy, busy salons a difficult or even impossible challenge. (Read more)

Mondays 2pm – 7pm



Entrance to Cabelo hair salon in Limes Road, Tettenhall
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PayPal contactless card payments here at Cabelo hair salon in Limes Road, Tettenhall

We are temporarily closed from 31 December and throughout Lockdown 3.0 😥 See you all soon! x

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