Hair Salon in Tettenhall

Welcome to Cabelo, a bright and colourful boutique unisex hair salon and wellness hub at 23 Limes Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

Hair Salon in Tettenhall - Entrance to Cabelo hair salon in Limes Road, Tettenhall


Whenever I visit a salon I always want that perfect and memorable hairdressing experience. I may step in looking and feeling frazzled, but I want to step out with great looking hair, feeling relaxed and knowing that my custom has been genuinely appreciated. And that is exactly what I want for you every time you visit Cabelo.

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Hair Salon in Tettenhall - Inside Cabelo hair salon in Limes Road, Tettenhall

Chair Opportunities

To provide excellent service to your own clients you want to be working in a great salon under the umbrella of a wholly supportive owner, who shares the same values as you. If you are looking to rent a chair, I believe Cabelo has a lot to offer you.

You will have your own bespoke styling station with built-in and pull out storage, a separate colour station, and a full height locker for your stock items.

We also have the facility for you to give your clientele the option of paying for your services by debit or credit card if you wish.

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Hair Salon in Tettenhall - Debbie, the owner of Cabelo

Owner Debbie outside Cabelo

In a competitive industry, my philosophy is simple…

I am not a hair stylist or a therapist or a businesswoman. I have dogs, I keep chickens and quail, and I blog about eggs rather than hair. So really a walking recipe for disaster you might think.

Well not entirely, because I have a wonderful team now working with me, and friends, both new and old, supporting me in the background (you know who you are) eager to share their business knowledge and see Cabelo succeed. Also, importantly, I not only care about customer service, I have a wealth of experience from years of working in customer service roles in industry. And when I say care, what I really mean is that it’s my passion. The customer’s experience is everything to me.


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Everyone working at Cabelo holds a valid DBS certificate

We value your trust

Everyone working at Cabelo holds a valid DBS certificate

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