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Seeking a professionally qualified, experienced, customer-orientated Hair Stylist (self-employed) at Cabelo, our bright and friendly Unisex Hair Salon, Beauty and Wellness Hub at 23 Limes Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

We recognise and understand what the challenges are in what has become the “new normal” and believe we can support you through these difficult times.


Experienced Hairstylist:- To compensate for how we are expected to work post Covid-19 lockdown, our Weekly Chair Rent is only £160.

On top of this you will benefit from a 2-week settling in plan – in week 1 pay nothing, in week 2 pay just £80, plus a 2 week rent holiday every year where you pay nothing. 

This payment includes for your single use PPE aprons, high end shampoos, conditioners and treatments for use on our state of the art shiatsu massage backwash chairs, refreshments, dishwasher, disposable towels, free WiFi & Internet access, streaming music services and more… 

Call or message Debbie on 07522 622733 to arrange an informal discussion. CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED.

Cabelo Unisex Hair Salon, Beauty and Wellness Hub

23 Limes Road


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