Haircut Anxiety (Tonsurephobia)

Twice a month we are running “closed door” sessions to work with children and their parents, teenagers and even adults who, for whatever reason, find noisy, busy salons a difficult or even impossible challenge.

Before attempting any haircut, we recommend several informal visits to get to know me and my stylist trained barber, Victoria, with the aim of building up trust. For youngsters, this will be through quiet play.  Our friendly bunny, Mr Nibbles, will be in the salon during these sessions as we find interaction with him has a calming effect. For older clients, cosy chats over a coffee should do the trick – we have plenty of time and patience for you to proceed at your own pace.

If noise is a specific problem, we offer scissor cuts and low sound clipper work.

Victoria has experience of working with children with special needs. We both hold a DBS certificate.

Once started, haircuts can continue to be done by Victoria within a “closed door” environment, but if the root cause of the anxiety is unfamiliar places and people, we hope that by building familiarity and trust, it may eventually be possible for haircuts to be booked in with other members of our small but super friendly team during normal opening hours.

Our closed door sessions run alternate Mondays from 2pm – 7pm.

If you know a family or someone who would benefit, please let them know what we are doing. Call Debbie on 01902 560729 or message 07522 622733 for an informal chat.


The next Tonsurephobia session is planned to take place on 20 July 2020 (by appointment only)

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