Salon Anxiety

If you find busy, bustling and noisy salons a difficult challenge (tonsurephobia), we may be able to help. Because we have a small team of stylists working flexible hours, it is possible to arrange your appointment at a quiet time, and sometimes even book you in when you will be the only client in the salon.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from this service, please call or message Debbie on 01902 560729 or 07522 622733.

Low levels of tonsurephobia are quite common, but if your problem is so severe that it is affecting your every day life, we now work with Lemon Tree Therapy, a private counselling and psychotherapy practice which has been established for over 4 years. Please call Viktoria on 07471 932238 if you would like an informal chat to see if this is something she can help you with.

Lemon Tree Therapy is a confidential service.



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