• State-of-the-art equipment including hair processors and massage wash chairs
  • Watermans, Gorgeous of London and MUK hair products and electricals
  • Comfortable cutting chairs
  • Complimentary menu of drinks from the machine in partnership with Shropshire Coffee, coffee roasters of distinction, using paper cups which will biodegrade within 6 weeks
  • Contactless card payments
  • Beach themed lobby and fun gowns for our younger clients to enjoy

For your privacy, our wash units are set well back into the salon and the colouring and perming stations are not visible from the pavement.

Hi, I’m Debbie, the owner of Cabelo.

Hi, I’m Debbie, the owner of Cabelo.

I  am not a hair stylist or a therapist or a businesswoman. I have dogs, I keep chickens and quail, and I blog about eggs rather than hair. 

The one big advantage to not being an owner/stylist is that I have time to look after the team and the rooms, making sure everyone has what they need and helping out where I can. 

My wealth of experience stems from years of working in customer service roles in industry. Customer care is my passion – the customer’s experience is everything to me.

Whenever I physically buy a product or service, the whole experience from the moment I walk into a place to the moment I walk out, should be something I remember for all the right reasons. Where I connect with the people and know my custom is truly valued – somewhere I want to come back to in the future. Like you, I work hard for my money and life can be stressful, so anything less just isn’t acceptable.

Finally, if you love animals please read my blog Paws & Claws, which has nothing to do with the business except some of the animals lived in the Cabelo garden prior to the 2020 lockdowns. When things have normalised, they will be making a welcome return, hopefully sometime during 2021. 

I am really pleased to offer Reiki and life/health coaching at Cabelo, as Debbie has created a very relaxing and welcoming place here. Debbie has thought about everything down to the smallest details – she provides the space for a therapist to shine in and for a client to enjoy and revitalise. It is one of those rare cases where beauty and health indeed work together, complement each other and, in their unity, contribute to self-healing. It feels right that all of us here are part of one team and I treasure this experience. 

Ignaty Dyakov

Life Sensei UK

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Prices. Contactless card payments at Cabelo hair salon in Limes Road, Tettenhall
Contactless Payments
Prices. PayPal contactless card payments at Cabelo hair salon in Limes Road, Tettenhall