I don’t know of any other salon that has its own private garden, so I consider us very privileged. It’s taken just over 2 years to turn what was once a muddy dumping ground for scaffolding, bricks and building paraphernalia, into a tranquil space in which to relax and reflect, with our Garden Therapy Room taking centre stage.

Our original olive tree sits surrounded by old fashioned flowers such as hollyhocks, roses and a camelia. Lupins, which have been left to seed, are springing up everywhere; we even have a purple lupin thriving in a crack in the paving slabs.

We are currently working on the raised rose bed to improve the quality and longevity of the blooms. Then there’s the daisies, pots of sweet smelling pinks and sweet peas, which will hopefully add their colour and heavenly scent along the fence line later in the summer. 

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