Firstly, I should let you know I’ve decided to call Debbie Mrs Tweedy in homage to my favourite film Chicken Run. And yes, we really do knit our own underwear in case you were wondering. She doesn’t really like her new name but since she accidentally gave me full editorial rights, what’ya gonna do? Anyway, Jurassic Park was once an overgrown wilderness at the top of the garden, where an area had been cleared to put up a large storage shed for junk which had built up in the garage. Mrs Tweedy told me the garage  door broke soon after that, and the guy who came to fix it was quite taken aback when he got the door working to find an actual car in it. Apparently, this hardly ever happens. Anyway, when Shelly, Layla and Eggs Benedict came along a little coop was erected. Then when me and the old man came along another coop was attached to that coop. And then as our numbers increased so more and more areas were fenced off and cleared, covered aviaries erected and paths put in. And then finally the storage shed was converted into a large roosting shed and another shed was built to house all their junk. Mr Tweedy jokes that he has spent so much money on us over the years that our eggs are probably worth more than gold. But we lead happy stress-free lives, eat good food and are smug enough to know there is nothing finer to eat than one of our eggs. Turning my back to the camera at this point was probably not my wisest decision but in my defence I didn’t realise that whilst I was busy searching for scratch, Private Nugget had made off with my knitted underwear.
One Chicken’s Blog at Cabelo in Limes Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8QZ
Shelly in One Chicken’s Blog at Cabelo in Limes Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Wn
Above you can see Shelly sitting on Mr Tweedy’s work gloves searching for a 1¾ inch crosshead screw to repair one of the coops. She does have the appropriate knitted safety wear (as shown) but claims she literally can’t see anything with her hard hat on. Next Time: The dogs take centre stage.
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