Tonsurephobia in its literal form is a fear of having your hair cut, but it can also be a general anxiety. I had never heard of it before I opened Cabelo, but soon realised I suffer low level tonsurephobia as I have never felt comfortable being in a busy hair salon where there is a lot of noise, chatter and general hustle bustle. I would have loved the opportunity to say, “Can I have an appointment where I am the only client in the salon, please?”, but then of course no busy high street salon has the time to work around someone’s personal issues. 

At Cabelo it’s different. We are a very small salon with a talented and understanding stylist, who recognises that everyone is different and will book appointments around people’s schedules wherever possible and also appreciates that there are a lot of people who feel high levels of anxiety being around others. Having your hair done should not be something that fills you with anxiety, but rather it should be a lovely relaxing experience which improves not only your physical look, but also your emotional wellbeing. And that is why we offer “quiet appointments” to ladies and gents where they are guaranteed to be the only client in the salon.  

Book your “quiet appointment” with Neena by calling or messaging her on 07538 999757.

While quiet appointments work well for people like me with mild anxiety, if your anxiety levels are so high that your every day life is being badly affected, you may need expert help. Call or message in total confidence our integrative MBACP counsellor, Viktoria at Lemon Tree Therapy on 07471 932238. Or find out more by clicking here.  

Lemon Tree Therapy, in the Garden Therapy Room at Cabelo in Tettenhall
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